Why invest in Poland?

Poland is located in Eastern Europe between Germany and Ukraine. Due to the growing economy and compared to other European countries, many companies choose to invest in Poland.
In accordance with local law, anyone may make investments in the state.
Since Poland is fully a member of the "European Union", the legislation in the country allows the purchase of land and assets under European standards and a high level of confidence for the buyer. Taxes in Poland are significantly lower than other European countries, with the exception of 23% VAT on most services. Foreign investors may own local corporations and companies, dividends and tax arrangements guaranteed by law. Israel and Poland benefit taxation arrangement with Israeli investors so that there is no double taxation and the process is simple and convenient.

The city of Krakow has over one million inhabitants, 350,000 of whom are students. About 8.5 million other residents live within a radius of 100 kilometers. Krakow Airport is Poland's second largest tourist destination, serving more than 10 million tourists a year, with tourism growing at a high percentage each year. In general, living in Krakow is cheap compared to other cities and urban utilities are very well developed. Crime in Krakow is the lowest of all Polish cities. The city has 25 universities and educational institutions producing 30,000 graduates a year. The unique beauty, the many places of interest and leisure, the restaurants and the quality of life make Krakow more and more attractive over the years.

Therefore, Polin-Invest was established to make the Polish real estate market accessible to the Israeli investor. Our company is a subsidiary of the construction and entrepreneurial company EA Construction which has been building many residential neighborhoods, buildings and projects throughout Poland for many years.

Therefore, we have many recommenders who use our many services and will be happy to recommend us.

It is important for us to emphasize, we are the entrepreneurs and we do not engage in brokerage. Therefore, you purchase real estate directly from our company.