The acquisition process

The acquisition process

The options to purchase are as follows:

Second-hand apartment purchase:

These apartments are usually apartments purchased by our company and have been extensively renovated by a professional team. Includes interior design by architect. Complete apartment furniture includes electrical equipment and rental for reliable renters.

Buying an apartment from a contractor (2 options):

1 . Possibility of purchase before construction begins. In this option, our company will accompany the investor from this stage to the signing of the apartment from the contractor. The escort will include meetings with the contractor, monthly reports, site visit, photos, etc. This process takes on average about 18 months. The total cost is 1000 euros.

2. Purchase from a contractor after construction is completed. In this option, our company will accompany the investor in the purchase process and the signing of the contract (a lawyer must also be appointed for a lender). Cost 500 euros.

In Poland, an apartment purchased from a contractor is not ready for housing. That is, all interior work must be done: flooring baths, electricity, paint, interior doors, kitchen and the like. Then, furnishing the apartment and bringing in electrical equipment. Includes refrigerator, TV, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, electric kettle and the like.

Our company is professionally prepared to carry out these works, with a price per square meter that includes everything, without any additions, including architectural design and detailed execution plans that meet local needs.

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